Football Tickets


Jan 28, 2017
With my DD entering this summer with 2021, we're starting to look at football tickets for home games and the Army-Navy Game. For home games, are the plebes given the opportunity to purchase tickets, and if so, are these better seats than available for purchase from the Army athletics site. How about for the Army-Navy Game, any suggestions on how to best purchase tickets? Finally, are there significant benefits in being an A Club member relative to ticket purchases? BEAT NAVY!!
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All cadets/parents of current cadets can purchase up to 8 Army/Navy tickets in the nosebleed/parent section through the Army ticket site (~$100 ea). For better seats, you can become an A Club member, make a donation and pay face value, so it kind of depends on how much you're willing to pay. Call the A Club and ask about donation levels vs seats for all games and Army/Navy. You may be able to purchase A Club now for the season, or you may have to wait until your DD reports for Beast. Current cadets/parents can purchase Army/Navy now. And if it's like last year, purchase your Army/Navy tickets before the deadline (late summer?) or cadet allotment tickets will be sold to the general public.

Also, if you/your spouse join the Mom's FB page (possibly the Dad's page), there are always parents selling tickets closer to the games -- both home & Army/Navy. Parents often have hotel rooms (especially Army/Navy) to get rid of too.
We got our Army/Navy tickets last year through our Michigan Parents Club, and yes they were in the upper level, but I really enjoyed sitting with all the Army folks, and it gave a great vantage for everything; including the March-On. I think the parents clubs get the cadet tickets, because they ask if your cadets allotment can be used. We only needed two tickets, and that's what we got this year too. We had a fantastic time in Baltimore last year.

As for the home games, we ended up going to three of those too (driving from mid-Michigan, so not a quick trip). Very good time to visit your cadet, and we had a great time at the games. Last year the only game that we attended which was real full was the Army/Air force game. We just ordered our tickets from the Army WP athletic site, and picked our seats. I wasn't aware of any special rates or anything like that for parents of cadets. There are always lots of tailgates by various parents clubs. No shortage of fun at WP on a game day.

Dont forget; there is always a cadet review on the game day. Two of the regiments do the review on the Plain a couple hours before the game, and one marches into the stadium right before the game. The fourth then has duty at the stadium and around WP. Find out where your cadet is tasked that day. The review is very cool; Particularly if your kid is out there.