For Those Interested in The Citadel - Maj. J.B. White Saber Ceremony tonight


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Feb 27, 2010
Tonight at The Citadel’s Daniel Library & Museum, the college will formally accept the return of Major J. B. White's saber. Major White was Superintendent of The Citadel during the Civil War, and commanded the entire Battalion of State Cadets, of the S.C. Military Academy, at the Battle of Tulifinny Creek, December 6 – 9, 1864. His sword and scabbard were found and recovered by several alumni in Pennsylvania in 2015. The Battle of Tulifinny Creek will also be commemorated tonight with an historical presentation.
Citadel Cadets under the command of Major White participated in several military campaigns during the Civil War, earning the Corps 8 campaign ribbons and one service ribbon. The Battle of Tulifinny Creek is historically significant as one of the few times in history an entire student body of a college fought as a military unit in combat. Tulifinny Creek is also significant in Marine Corps history as one of the Marine Corp’s first large scale land engagements. A full article on the battle that appeared in the Marine Corps Association’s Leatherneck Magazine, can be found at: