Fort Bragg Main Cemetary


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Jun 17, 2010
I went there today for a funeral. Got to say they really keep the cemetery in good order. I walked around the 500 or so headstones and thought to myself the stories these soldiers could tell and the hell they went thru fighting for our country. Was a little bit emotional and overwhelming (and I'm not a softie).

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Apr 25, 2018
Too young.
Arnold was larger than life. He was a tall, muscular man and it was obvious he had been through some stuff. He was in Vietnam in the early days and again toward the end. One of his Bronze Star citations describes him standing on the ground at the cargo/passenger bay door of a Huey with an M-60, mowing down the VC while another soldier loaded on casualties. This pic was taken before he made master sergeant. I found it in a photo album after my parents died.
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