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    Service Academy Forum Members,

    As our forum has continued to grow, the cost of operating this site has increased and we have come to rely on advertising to support our continued development. We have therefore decided to end our subscriptions and rely completely on advertisements for site support.

    We will not forget the contributions made by our members in the first four years of this site. In order to recognize the contributions made early on in our existence, all previous supporting members (past and present) have been converted to the user title of Founding Member.

    This is a permanent user title given to anyone who has ever donated to the site. If you do not wish to have your user name displayed as a Founding Member, please let me know.

    Every effort was made to ensure that all donors were recognized. However, if one was missed please PM me and I will address it.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Thanks for the new status. I logged on today and to my surprise I noticed it. I was more then happy to contribute to such an informative site. This has been a daunting process as a parent but this site has offered many answers. I would like to thank everyone for your help.

    Proud Parent
    USNA Class of 2014
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    Ditto. :redface:

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