Four Year Scholarship - 4+ years to graduate

Texas Dad

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Dec 12, 2006
My son will be attending Baylor on a four year AFROTC scholarship starting this fall. With the addition of a Baylor merit scholarship, the total package is worth $100k. We plan on paying for the additional $20k+ neccessary to complete the cost of a degree ourselves.

At orientation last week, my son was told that it was quite likely that the mechanical engineering degree he is desiring could not be completed in four years. the Baylor catalog shows four years plus one summer semester to complete the degree requirements - not counting any ROTC classes that must be taken each semester. He is taking 18 hours this fall, with absolutely no fluff.

Question - with the AFROTC scholarship and Baylor scholarship dollars divided over four years, am I to assume that the additional cost of any summer semester or additional fall semester necessary to gain a degree be up to us?
From what I have read, AFROTC will pay for another year for certain majors. But it has to be "approved" sometime during the contract time (when you go to field training).

At UF, the unit officer we spoke with said it was very difficult to graduate in 4 years with most of the engineering majors. He said that you have to be very careful with your time. At UF only 6 credits of the ROTC count toward the degree for engineering majors. Son is going in with 30 credit hours from AP, it gives some wiggle room.

I would count on paying the extra, then if you don't it is a nice surprise!
5 year Scholarship

Just talked to Air Force Captain at Baylor and he confirmed that the Air Force routinely pays five year scholarships for certain majors. He even said that the process is pretty seamless and the detachment takes care of the paperwork.

He also said that 40-50% of the ROTC students at Baylor are engineering majors and he has never seen a student graduate in four years with an engineering degree.

The good news is the additional funding will be available...the bad news is my son will be at college for five years instead of four.