Four-Year Scholarship awardee outside scholarship question


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Aug 14, 2021
If an out-of-state student in army ROTC received a four-year scholarship for arotc, are they able to receive full out-of-state tuition regardless of scholarship from other sources? For example, tuition would only cost the cadet 3k a semester after outside scholarships, but the cadet is an out of state student, will the army pay full out of state tuition and a refund be issued to the cadet by the school once there is a surplus of money in their account?
Those decisions would be made by the school or the sources of the outside scholarship funds. It is not uncommon for school based scholarships to be rescinded or reduced once one receives an ROTC scholarship. I would check with the specific scholarship source to determine how they would handle this.

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In short.....unlikely.

US Army ROTC will pay full tuition/fees for school...either in or out of state, plus book stipend and living stipend...for an award winner, based upon their school selection list, on their application.

MOST school-specific scholarships stand to be drastically reduced, or fully eliminated, if a ROTC scholarship is in-play.

Example (and I know of several others who have the same experience):

Kid applies to school, and gets some kind of merit-based scholarship (or several). After the fact, same kid gets a ROTC scholarship award, from Army CC.

The merit-based funds go away, and are replaced by the ROTC award.

Normally, school-based scholarship award letters notify the winner that "things can change," and in the case of ROTC...they often do.

That said, outside (meaning NOT school-funded) scholarships may stay....but that's case-by-case, and school-by-school dependent.
My DS was awarded a grant by the school that reduced his tuition. Once the school was notified about the ROTC scholarship, the grant was removed. DS did have enough in nonschool scholarships from other organizations to cover half of room and board his freshman year, but some of those dollars became taxable because they were used for room and board, so you have to be mindful of that.
In your case double check but you may opt to use the arotc scholarship toward room and board, not tuition. The army will pay tuition OR a fixed amount for room/ board. Also, fees , stipend and book stipend. It varies per branch and per school how they handle additional scholarships.
For my DS his merit scholarship from the school was reduced but the school did ensure 4 year scholarship winners had enough scholarships to provide a double occupancy room and 14 meal per week plan. these monies are taxable as others noted.
School is like that hungry hungry Hippos game in snarfing up any external scholarships to use to support room and board first.ll they snarfed back the original merit offer once the ROTC scholarships were k own🙂
We do not receive financial aid but some who do have that given to the student. And some do not.
At some schools Upperclass ROTC scholarship recipients are given the equivalent of that double occupancy room and 14 meal a week plan directly that they can put toward an off campus apartment and groceries. At other schools room and board is not covered.
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