Free gym pass for Californians!!!

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    Those who live in California, here is your chance to get a FREE gym pass to 24 hour fitness. Go to and just SIGN UP, and after you've made an account, they give you a code/certificate for a 30 day pass at 24 hour fitness! You just go in to your local 24 hour fitness gym, sign up, listen to the reps try to persuade you into buying a gym membership, and then they'll give you your card, you don't actually have to buy a gym membership or anything, it's like no strings attached!!

    When you finish the Governor's challenge, you'll get a 90-day pass and a ski lift pass to Mammoth Mountain?

    To finish the Governor's challenge, click on the running man on the calendar to mark that you've been active for at least 30 minutes for that day. Simple as that, log in everyday to click the running men until you reach the end of the month, and you'll get your 90 day pass.

    I hope this is helpful to those preparing for CFA, academy, ROTC, etc.

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