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    How about listing the free online tutoring sites for the various subjects, especially those subjects that continually trip up the plebes? They could be rated for ease of understanding, how relevant they are to the courses at KP, etc. Maybe the current Mids could chime in as to what they have found to be helpful and why. For example, Cramster lists the solutions for every other question in most science text books. The answer (which is already listed in back of the text) doesn't really help the student figure out how they got to the answer. Cramster gives step by step analysis of the questions. Someone last semester mentioned Kahn Academy, which are short You Tube videos for Calc, physics, chemistry and a host of other math/science subjects.

    This could be an effective tool for the mids to supplement seeing the teacher, tutors at KP, etc. Some sites even have practice questions to test for understanding.
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