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    I posted this on the USNA forum as well to get some insight on both for a friend of mine.

    Currently a friend of mine is part of the Citadel class of 2018 but hes thinking about transferring from the citadel to USNA after knob year, kind of like using the Citadel as a prep,

    Knowing Knob year is extremely difficult, i don't know if it would be a good idea leaving, but thats just my opinion, he wants to gather more opinions on his decision.

    would it be worth it transitioning from the Citadel to the USNA? Or should he stay after knob year? he knows about the risks he might face

    -he knows he'd have to start over
    -he might get a little bit of hatred from his fellow classmates
    -he would have to leave all his friends behind
    -his fellow cadets would probably not really socialize with him as much
    -all the work that he'd put into the citadel wouldn't mean anything afterward
    -He might not have the amount success he'd have at USNA than he would at the citadel or vise versa.

    I asked him if he did apply and didn't get in how he would feel and he said he would be more than honored to graduate from the citadel

    So should he try or not try? either way he knows he's gonna get a commission

    He is not on a scholarship and is an out of state student
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