Ft Schuyler: "4 Years before the Mast"

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    As Monty Python used to say: "And now for something completely different". If you are interested in a very different educational experience from your HS buddies who are heading off to "Whatsamatta U" or "Frostbite State College" you might be interested in this book on Amazon : Four Years Before the Mast: A History of New York's Maritime College (just bought it for my Dad's birthday- both he and my uncle are Ft Schuyler grads)

    The Maritime Colleges- NY as well as Mass, Maine, CA and Texas- all offer a really unique educational opportunity - disciplined, challenging regimental environments preparing you for a career in various Maritime fields (to include the military) at VERY REASONABLE COSTS (most have regional agreements which offer In-State or near in-state costs to states that have signed agreements). I know that both NY and Mass have almost 100% post graduation employment rates in professional fields at pretty high starting salaries (compared to starting as a "Barista" with your Sociology degree:wink:)- which not something to be overlooked in this day and age. And they all offer a really unique opportunity with their annual sea terms where Cadets sail on both the Training ships or on commercial ships to gain sea time for their licenses. Take a look- (And enjoy the book if you are interested)


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    DS heading to SUNY Maritime this August barring a last minute call from the CGA waitlist. He is exicited in joining the regiment and will be studying EE along with NROTC. He thinks he will reapply to the NA and CGA but keeping all his options open. Thanks for the informational post.

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