Fully Qualified?


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Jun 18, 2008
My son received a letter today saying he has been found fully qualified. Between school and practice he called to ask me to post the following questions: We get that this is not an LOA; does this mean he will not receive one? What does this mean in terms of his chances of getting an appointment -- ie, if he does not receive a nomination, is he done (I assume all "extra" slots go to the LOA's)?

What this means is if/when he gets a nomination he can be considered for an appointment. Terrific news indeed!
IMO - forget about an LOA. He needs to concentrate on getting a nomination. Make sure his applications are all in on time to all three of your MOC's.
Practice for the interviews and sit tight!
Your son will probably hear if he gets a nomination sometime between mid-Dec and the end of January. This depends on your MOC's timetable.
Don't worry about NOT getting a nomination yet.

As he moves through the school year - encourage him to keep updating his file with significant accomplishments or awards he may receive. It will all be considered.

One more thing - I would encourage him to contact his MALO or Regional Admissions officer with these questions. It shows that he is excited about moving on and the possibility of winning an appointment and is a great way to touch base with his admissions reps. If you can swing it, I would also encourage a candidate visit. During the candidate visit there is an opportunity for each candidate to sit with an admissions officer and have your file reviewed in a face to face discussion.
Good Luck!