FY2011 Budget Impact on Future Officers

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    A web posting by Rear Admiral Ronald T. Hewitt, Assistant Commandant for Human Resources, may give future USCGA applicants an indication of the possible shrinking size of the Corps of Cadets and the increased competition for the remaining seats.

    Admiral Hewitt notes the poor economy is prompting both Coast Guard enlisted and officers to stay in the service longer than usual. In 2009, 1,600 fewer enlisted separated from the Coast Guard than normal. The impact is both fewer promotions and fewer new enlisted recruits. Cape May is reducing incoming enlisted recruit classes to down to the "lowest levels since before 1958." The active duty officer corps is also experiencing high retention rates, which slows down officer promotion rates and "we now have more officers than billets." The admiral theorizes there may be "reduced opportunity of selection for officers" to help keep the officer corps within legal billet limits.

    Of course this could all change if the economy comes back and new civilian jobs open-up, however, high school students planning on applying in the next few years for the USCGA would be well advised to do anything they can to improve the strength of their application.
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    The President's proposed budget was also an issue but luckily Congress provided additional funds.

    It's not only that less people are getting out, but that the Coast Guard is getting less funding. Offices are cutting back on spending and there's less dough to go around...less people to pay for etc.

    Not a good time for the Coast Guard.

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