General DoDMERB confusion


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Dec 10, 2006
I had my exams, and the results came back: several things listed as remedials for example "R251.23 - Birth-to-present medical health records". But there is a note above the list which says: "Please do NOT Complete the additional tests, evaluations, or requests for additional information (codes that begin with "R") unless directed to do so by DoDMERB. If a medical waiver is granted, DoDMERB will request you complete these at that time. If a medical waiver is not granted, DoDMERB will not require these results or information. Completion prior to that "may" result in unnecessary expenses and infringement on your time."

My question: Do I complete the items in the list? The site says (in the note) to not do so, but these things are listed as "Remedial Requested."
I had the exact same question as you when dealing with my medical exam only a few months ago. Do not complete the remedials until you receive a letter from DoDMERB in the mail. If you look online, there should be a correspondence note near the top of your screen. The date that appears beside the note is the date that they mailed out the letter. The letter will inform you to complete the remedials and the manner in which to complete them. For instance, if additional tests are needed, the personel issuing the tests may have to sign or note that they read DoDMERB's instructions and what not. However, it seems that you will just need to have your doctor(s) gather + copy your medical records from birth to present. Good luck.
Re: Birth to present medical records

You need to contact every health care practitioner & hospital you have ever seen for any reason and request records, including specialists and any or all medical testing, surgeries etc.
Do not delay on this. We had to do this for my daughter and the hospital took nearly 6 weeks. Some physicians required payment- others did not charge. I spent over $100 to get her medical records.
For physicians and hospital that use a medical record service - expect the process to take some time.
I am not trying to get off topic, but does anyone have any idea what kind of issues would prompt DoDMERB to request medical records from birth to present? It seems that this remedial is fairly common. Thanks.
I have never been treated at a hospital and have no background with medical problems. Would they request my birth to present records?
Starting at the top,

ICCY2011 - Once you receive the letter from DoDMERB (which you should have now) you can then start athering the information requested.

marine and bluedevil1027 - There are many different reasons that the birth to present medical records would be requested. The most prevalent reason is an applicant who had a history of asthma or reactive airway disease at any age. If an applicant has multiple medical issues the reviewer at DoDMERB may request the birth to present medical records rather than have 5 or 6 different medical records requests.