Georgia Military College


May 5, 2020
(If this post isn’t ok, I understand if it should be taken down. I am just sharing my experience in choosing a prep school)
To anyone considering prep school, Georgia Military College has a lot to offer. From the moment I sent an inquiry to tour to hours after my visit, the staff has been nothing but helpful.
My tour was 5 hours and was very detailed. They never pushed GMC and wanted me to make an informed decision on wherever I may end up. The President of the GMC schools took time out of his busy schedule to sit down with me and get to know me. Again, he never tried to push GMC on me and wished me best of luck on my journey even if it’s not with his school.
The cadets were very nice and informative. They were all up front about anything I asked and were very supportive of asking those “nitty gritty” questions. The sponsored cadets from all academies are very close and tend to have most of their classes with each other.
Milledgeville has a smaller state school so there is a little downtown to walk around on weekends when you want to get away from campus for a few hours. It’s a small enough town where everyone is there to support their students. It was a very welcoming environment. It is also close enough to Atlanta where you can go for the day or weekend but still be back in plenty of time.
My overall tour experience was amazing. Everyone from the staff to fellow cadets want you to succeed. Will it suck some times? Yes, but so will any academy, but this will just prepare you to “embrace the suck”.
Again, this is just my opinion and my experience. I hope this can be found useful for anyone looking for a prep school option.