GI Bill Question for ROTC Cadets/Parents

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    Hello, I have a question about GI Bill benefits. DS is a contracted ROTC cadet. He also is in the ANG SMP. This past year he was advised that he could no longer receive both tuition assistance and the monthly G.I. Bill stipend. He was told he could only receive the benefits of either one or the other and had to choose which one. He chose T.A. because this was after it had already been applied to his tuition last fall. So basically he stopped receiving $360 a month from GI Bill benefits. DS received a letter in the mail from Veterans Affairs yesterday stating that officially he was no longer receiving GI Bill because his school had notified them that he was no longer in school. This info is incorrect. DS is a full time student. However, I assume this just has to do with the fact he was advised he could no longer receive both monthly GI Bill payments and T.A. My question is: Are any of you familiar with the cadets not receiving both Army T.A. and monthly G.I. Bill benefits at the same time?

    My 2nd Question is, in the letter from Veterans Affairs it mentioned DS still had 23 months of benefits remaining. What exactly does this mean since he is no longer receiving the GI Bill monthly payments?

    My 3rd Question: If you had to choose, do you think its better to take the T.A. or the monthly G.I. Bill payments or does it matter?

    Thanks for your time in answering my questions.
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    -Yes, New change you can no longer receive both.
    -I had something type for question two but chickened out. I do not want to lead you wrong. Not sure if it is in reference to 23 months of FTA left or 23 month of GI bill he has not drawn he can use at a later date (Grad School etc after what now ten years service?). If contracted I would think he has drawn two of the four FTA years allowed. Did DS draw extended GI Bill money? Edited: Army tracks FTA money in semester hours/credit hours per Calender year. You get 16 hrs a year or $4000 max now. So since it said 23 months I imagine GI Bill benefits left.
    - GI bill vs FTA and other guard money (CAP ?) Just have to do the math....
    I would definitely ask about the no longer in school letter???

    I would definitely give them a call and ask your questions. Rules are changing quickly in particular with Guard. Or have DS go to edu homepage and submit a helpdesk question/case. I imagine his edu homepage has a helpdesk link.

    Hope this got you pointed in the right direction. Someone more familiar with GI Bill etc will come along soon....
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