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Apr 12, 2008
Is there anything special we can give our DD prior to leaving us in July? Does USMMA have a book of some sort regarding the history of the Academy? I thought I read it somewhere that there is some kind of book. Just wondering. Thanks in advance.
In Peace and War - A History of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point by Jeffrey L. Cruikshank and Cloe G. Kline
ISBN 978-0-470-13601-0

Anyone thinking of attending KP should read Chapter 1 at least.

Anyone who has already made the decision to attend, is currently atending, or did attend, should read the entire book.
A MUST have book for any KP Midshipman & their family is the Actna Non Verba book by Mary Jane Fuschetto. This is by far one of the most awesome books in our collection of KP/merchant mariner stuff. Its the only book out there that is completely about KP. Its full of photos and inspirational quotes. In my opinion, it would be better obtained during Parent's Week-end where Ms. Fuschetto generally is live & in person to sign your new book.

Kings Point Acta Non Verba
Photography and text compilation by Mary Jane Fuschetto
Forward by Vice Admiral Joseph D. Stewart
Copyright 2003 Mary Jane Fuschetto
Printed in color by Diversified Graphics, Inc. (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
10.25" x 10.25" hard back book /w beautiful jacket; 111 pages; 129 photographs
Price - $39.00 plus shipping charges

Since 1943 the United States Merchant Marine Academy has successfully fulfilled its mission of educating our country's brightest leaders, instilling in them the belief that actions speak louder than words.
Plato stated that credence as, "Be direct in your speech, still more in your actions. Words are evanescent, but deeds will endure forever."
True to the United States Merchant Marine Academy motto, "Acta non verba," the words in this text are few. The 129 photographs of academy life and experiences speak more memorably than words.
Much of this book shows Kings Point as the insiders know it. From indoc training to lunch muster outside the mess hall, from recognition night to the engineering machine shop, the reader gets a brief glimpse of life inside the academy gates. For the family and friends it is a chance to see what they may not have experienced. For midshipmen and alumni, it is an opportunity to remember past challenges, successes and memories.
Academy life is a collage of action, movement, color and shadow, that need not be explained with words. May this book serve as a way to "Tell America" about the academy where Kings Pointers daily learn and live the "acta non verba" ethic.

Sorry to say that there is currently no photo of the book. If you'd like to purchase the book now, go to:
Thanks for your valuable help. I will make sure I get a copy of the book you mentioned as well.

Don't forget the movie...


May be the BEST movie ever!! At least the best movie about Kings Point!!