Girls State vs. Encampment Staff

sci-fi girl

Feb 28, 2017
I have the opportunity to be a flight commander for my Civil Air Patrol's Wing encampment. However, it is on the same days as girls state. I know girls state receives points for the WCS. Advice/thoughts on which is more valuable would be appreciated.
The idea is to show you in a leadership light. Both opportunities do. Is Flt Cmndr a lock? Is Flt Cmndr for a time longer then GS? IMO you have CAP & probably some leadership positions in it prior to Flt Cmndr so saying just as a parent, I think GS would look better because it's another time people chose you to attend a program and it's diverse from CAP. Saying that, I agree with many posters that to do something just to say you did it is not a good thing, but I am assuming that you are genuinely interested in GS. I also believe in the program (from what I read only) & think your time will be better spent there. Either way it's a win/win!
Good luck & let us know which one you choose & after which, how it went, if you don't mind.
I was former Civil Air Patrol (Semper Vigilans!) and also went to Boys State, so hopefully I can offer a little insight. In terms of your application, it’s no contest that Girls State will have a much higher impact on your WCS than encampment staff - there’s a reason your candidate application specifically asks if you’ve been to Boys/Girls State. When I was at West Point for a candidate visit, I was told that Boys/Girls State was one of the most impactful aspects on the “leadership” portion of your application (I have no verification of this though, just word of mouth, so take it with a grain of salt). However, beyond the application benefits of each activity, it’s really up to you which you think would be more beneficial personally. I did both encampment and Boys State, and for me, Boys State was much better than encampment - I learned a lot more, I made way more personal connections, and I just plain had a lot more fun at Boys State than I did at encampment. If you’d like more details, I can definitely share, but that’s just my two cents.
Most Wings have encampments each summer. Have you explored the possibility of attending GS and staffing the encampment from a different Wing in the region?