Go ahead with Plan B?

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by twaf0904, Mar 25, 2016.

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    Hey everyone, I just got off the phone with an admissions counselor because I had a few questions, and the gist of the conversation was her saying that my file had been reviewed, and there were candidates in my district who were more qualified than me. In no way am I trying to just "give up" but would it be safe to say I should start looking at my other option? I'd hate for this to be the end of the road, this is my dream school, but I also want to be safe just in case.
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    Having a contingency plan is not giving up it's being pragmatic. You should have a secure plan B even if you get an appointment (i.e. back up plan for injury et al). I spent the day filling out financial forms for plan B that I hope we never have to use.
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    Dont give up, but you should definately have plans B, C, etc in place. Nothing you can do right now to control ultimate USAFA decision so try to keep yourself busy by making those plans B, C etc. until you hear a definite from them - remember ROTC is a great option. Good luck and keep pressing forward!
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    If this is your dream school, then just a couple of thoughts:

    1. A large number of cadets (maybe someone on the forum has current statistics) apply more than once.
    2. Even if you do not receive a direct appointment, Prep School invitations are still pending.
    3. There are spots reserved for enlisted applicants each year.

    I won't go into detail as to each of those -- information is readily available on these forums and the admissions page. My advice is that this setback (assuming you do not get an appointment) is not the end of the road if this is truly your dream and you really want a SA environment and to serve in the USAF.

    Having said that, until you get notified that you are not receiving an appointment, then you are still in the hunt. It is still early in the process, and there is juggling of slates that happens every year. If you are considering other options and reapplication is not on your list, then you should certainly make sure you have applications in and meet all of your other deadlines.

    If you do decide to reapply, do your best at whatever school you attend (do attend school), keep leadership and outside activities up so you have the best chance at receiving both nomination and appointment next year.

    Good luck.
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    Here's what I tell my candidates...

    1. If "X" SA is your goal, then attack it! Go after it with all your heart and soul!
    2. Have a backup plan because, honesty; most folks don't get the SA...the odds are long, and it's really tough...sometimes it's just a "chance" thing...
    3. Keep working!!! NEVER GIVE UP!
    4. Realize that when all is said and done, and you've given it YOUR VERY BEST EFFORT that it still may not happen...okay, that's fine, you've done well: press ahead!!
    6. If you DO succeed...wrap yourself in bubblewrap!

    I did NOT succeed my first time...my backup plans were all in place...I DID succeed my second time.

    USAFA '83

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