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Sep 14, 2019
Hello, I'm an MSII at my schools AROTC Batallion. I fell like I'm in a very very critical moment of decision making in my life and would like some wisdom passed down or any advice.

So basically, I enlisted in July of 2018 with my programs NG Recruiter. Ever since then, I've been drilling at RSP up to this day. My recruiter was telling me that I'd have the minuteman and start SMPing after only 1 drill at RSP, but as you can see I've been there for a year. The issue isn't that I did not get the Minuteman, I actually did (or so I was told) and am waiting for approval from the upcoming board (ROO said this). I am also in the process of contracting too and, unfortunately, my MEPS physical is no longer valid (expires after a year?) and I have to take a physical again. Last June I was diagnosed w/ IgA Nephropathy and I am almost 100% sure it's a DQ. I fell 100% fine and can do things normally and the disease was caught very early because I was sick with the cold and the symptoms showed.

Now here comes my dilemma, with a possible scenario of going through a waiver and getting a denial taking god knows how long, I can end up in the position of being disenrolled from ROTC and also being discharged from the NG because the 2 year mark comes up in July 2020, and if I don't finish any training (BCT and AIT) then I'll be discharged.

I was talking with one of the SSGs at RSP and he was telling me and my battle buddy, who is in the same type of position as I am, that going taking a semester off and going through BCT and AIT would possibly be the best course of action because we'll have a fallback plan in case ROTC doesn't workout overall. (we both want to make the military a career)

This does sound messed up to me but I really want to be in the military to serve. I've been thinking about this nonstop and would like any sort of advice.