Gold Bar


Feb 18, 2016
Hey I had a question regarding the gold bar recruiting program. If I have a rated slot will it look bad if I apply for the gold bar recruiting program or will it look good as a special assignment?
What is your motivation to do this? Are you willing to delay flight school for this program?

JMPO, and with $2.07 you can get a small coffee from Starbucks, but this is not on par with going ED for AFIT. Your flight instructors will only care about handling the stick.

Think long term. Just remember if you do this with a RNLTD of 1 yr later, but your peers do nothing except casual status and due to that reason they start flight school 6 months before you....well then they have 6 more months of career field expertise from an operational aspect. They will be the same year group as you, yet because you are 6+ months behind them you are their replacement as the SNACKO in the squadron.

I am not saying that is what will happen. I am saying talk to the cadre and figure out IF you take this how it may impact you much later on.
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GBR has no effect on your career good or bad. The only reason to do GBR is you have a later training slot, but want to get onto active duty sooner.