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Jan 7, 2014
I've been thinking about writing this post since last summer. My DS had a very long wait for his appointment. CVW, NASS, No LOA, Recruited Athlete, weekly coach calls, medical DQ, testing, medical waiver, nomination interviews, the "no blue chip because you will get in on your own" coach call, 3 MOC nominations, high school friend got USNA appointment, other high school friend got USMA appointment, CPR island forever, wait listed, finally...The Day came in late April.

I lurked this forum all the while, looking for advice, watching as other DS/DD's got the good news, trying to understand the system, joining other parents in waiting for that CPR to change, reading the disappointment and anguish of parents after the TWE rejection of highly qualified applicants (April is a tough month), reading snarky comments of how the system is somehow rigged (OMG), thankful for wise advice of the moderators (thanks NavyHoops), finally making my first post announcing my DS's appointment.

This is what I learned. I wasted a lot of time worrying (maybe obsessing) about a process that's a black box, there is no magic formula; The process is not a judgment of your DS/DD, if they applied they are pretty special and will be successful in what ever they chose to do; There are only so many's pretty random, so just support your kid, encourage them to enjoy the ride, plan B is pretty darn good; Stop checking the portal, your kid will get a call or email before you will see the CPR change; When the TWE arrives, be sad for a moment, hug your kid, plan B is now Plan A and it will be awesome. The Day will come.

Getting too involved in the hopes and dreams of your DS/DD can be a slippery slope, so trust me, keep a safe distance....after all, it's their life to live....

The Day did come. The Reps office called him at school. I will never forget when DS called to tell me the news. It was worth the wait, USNA is a special place. Now, every chance I get, I proudly yell....


RJB posted this on the Waitlisted thread yesterday. I thought it deserved its own thread. Good advice from the Navy forum.