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    Family looking for soldier missing in Haiti
    By Associated Press
    11:21 AM CST, January 17, 2010
    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — A U.S. Air Force officer who graduated from Huffman High School and the University of Alabama at Birmingham is still missing in Haiti, days after the country was ravaged by an earthquake.

    The family of 37-year-old Lt. Col. Ken Bourland, who now lives in Florida, remains hopeful that he will be found alive following the 7.0-magnitude earthquake.

    His wife, Peggy, says he arrived in Haiti with an Air Force team Tuesday, the same day as the earthquake.

    The team helps prepare countries for assistance.

    Relatives of the couple began leaving Alabama on Tuesday night for their Weston, Fla., home for prayer, support and encouragement.

    Bourland is a father of three boys and has been on active military duty for 15 years, serving a 2004 tour in Iraq. He recently was promoted to lieutenant colonel.


    Stolen Naval Academy Ring Re-United with its Owner
    Posted: Jan 17, 2010 10:29 PM
    A United States Naval Academy ring missing for thirty-five years is about to be re-united with its rightful owner.

    Donald Simons, owner of Simons Jewelers, buys jewelry from customers who may need some extra cash. When a customer a ring to Donald, he knew right away something wasn't right, so he contacted the police who tracked down the rightful owner. "When I got ready to salvage it I got to looking at it and noticed that the name on the inside didn't match the name of the person I bought it from, and then knowing it was a specialty ring the individual could be found, so I set my sights on trying to find the individual.

    Donald says this isn't your ordinary ring, just to be accepted to a military academy is an achievement, but to make it through the academy, now that's something you'll remember for the rest of you life. If the ring could talk, it would no doubt have an amazing tale to tell. It's traveled a long way from Annapolis Maryland.

    Tomorrow, the ring will make its final journey; the trip home to it's rightful owner, David Higginbotham from Pittsburgh, PN. "I'm just as happy as I could be. I never expected after thirty five years for my ring to show up, but I think about it quite often; wondering where it is and who's got it."

    After David's ring was stolen, his wife purchased him a new one a few years later for Christmas. She took a golf putter and put the ring down on the shaft to disguise it. Then she gift wrapped it, and placed it under their Christmas tree.

    David will now have two rings, and it just so happens he has two children; one boy and one girl. "I'll have one for each child and they can wear it and give it to their kids."

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