Good news....BUT....


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Oct 6, 2008
Well today we check the NROTC scholarship site and my daughter has been selected for an NROTC scholarship at Texas A&M. We are very proud of her. :shake: However, we are still hoping for USNA. The waiting is torture.
I know how you feel! I've gotten the NROTC scholarship for Embry-Riddle, but I'm still waiting for the Academy to give me the news.
Congratulations! My son is going to A&M next year on an Army ROTC scholarship. There are far fewer NROTC scholarship slots available at A&M, so that is great that she got one. I know USNA is her first choice and I wish her all luck in getting her appointment. If, however, she ends up going to A&M instead, welcome as a fellow "Fish" mom, Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of '13!
Many (if not most) USNA candidates won't hear until March and some even later. Remember that MOC noms are just now being submitted to USNA -- and don't need to be in until Jan. 31. USNA typically waits until those noms are in to fill the bulk of the class.

You don't need noms for ROTC, which is why the decisions may come earlier.
NROTC Scholarship Question

Ok, you moms in the know. We followed your advice and began the process of applying for NROTC scholarship to Texas A&M. CadetMom777, thank you for the link. USNA is son's first choice, A&M his second.

So, we are working our way through the app for NROTC and get to the part where you list schools......we list TAMU, then 4 others. It hiccups and tells me that we have listed duplicate schools. So, I try again. Same response. So, I list TAMU and 4 schools from 4 different states (which we have no intention of applying to...). Same error message. I did not find a phone number or way to contact anyone for assistance. :confused:

Anybody else have this trouble?

Also, those of you with TAMU bound kiddos, did you apply for the Corps Scholarships? We did. Honors Scholarships also.
Hi jennyp. Sorry you are having trouble with the application. I'm surprised there is no link to contact someone with problems. Perhaps you could go to the main Navy website and get a contact there that can at least refer you to the right party to contact.

Yes, we have applied for the A&M Corps scholarships, too. We did it through the scholarship section of the ApplyTexas online app. Even though my son has already been accepted, I don't think we will hear until the spring what scholarships he might receive. From what I have researched, all the freshmen in the corps receive at least a $1000 scholarship just for being a part of it.