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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Hodge, Apr 8, 2015.

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    Sep 1, 2014
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    While we were at NATCON in Chicago for Arnold Air Society this past weekend, Colonel Wydra (AFROTC commander) spoke among many others. Unfortunately I was not able to attend for that particular speech, but my friends/squadron did. Apparently he talked about the future of AFROTC in particular EAs and scholarships. From the information I received he said they are hoping to even have more Enrollment Allocations next year if at all possible. That surprises me a lot because the numbers seemed great this year! The other big thing was that they are trying to push more scholarships for the non-technical majors and I'm assuming that is for in-college because everyone there was a current cadet or silver wings member. Colonel Wydra seems to care about each individual cadet and looks to be taking great care of all AFROTC cadets.

    Besides this awesome news, the gathering was great and we all got to hear great speakers. If you can afford it AAS members I'd highly recommend going to Dallas next year.
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    I hope there will be more scholarships given. I'm a current high school Junior and am applying next year, but regardless this looks like great news!
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    I was there and I think that it is just a hope. Budgets always pop up and seem to change the way things play out. Just like every year, we won't know until they are out.

    Fun Fact: We just got on the elevator and hit the lobby button, then Col Wydra jumped in with us. I was temped to say "Elevator Attention!" Only if we were in uniform. haha :D
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