Good Story: Luke AFB Flyby/Citizen complaint

Capt MJ

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Sep 27, 2008

Some of you may have seen version of this story making the rounds on military email circuits, becoming mini-urban-legend. This is the full story about the USAF memorial flyby at Luke, the sarcastic complaint of a local citizen in a letter in the newspaper, the very fine responses by military officers, the citizen's response, plus links to original materials. Elegantly done.:thumb:
I am glad that the "offender" in this case realized his error and not only apologized, but recognized the solemnity of the display and the sacrifices involved. :thumb:

It's embarassing, however, that the "offender" is a Navy veteran. :thumbdown:

Meh. Nobody's perfect. All's well that ends well. :smile:
I saw the original article a while ago. Loved the response by Colnel Rand. True heroes deserve the respect of a grateful nation. I did a few Funeral Details. They were a moveing experience and carrying the casket was an honor.
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