Good student, but young, offered NAPS. Anyone else?


Mar 24, 2018
Greetings all! I have a question about NAPS. I understand it is for those who need a little academic help before entering the USNA. What about for those students who are good students but may be a few days too young for admission to the Naval Academy? If you are a good student, great SAT score, finished HS in 3 years...what will NAPS have to offer? My student has been offered some great opportunities at schools like American University, Union College, Rhodes. . . for some very selective programs. Is there any chance of her being admitted to the Academy once others have made their declarations? Is there someone we should talk to? She really wants the Naval Academy, but feels like she is going to waste a year going through the NAPS program. Any info is appreciated. Thank you.
While technically there are age waivers, in practice those only go to prior enlisted who are slightly above the maximum age. The Naval Academy is not going to give an age waiver so that someone can enter the academy while they are still 16.

NAPS is still a golden ticket. She should use the year to mature and get ahead in academics. It will also make the social aspects of the academy easier as those mids that enter just having just turned 17 tend to have a harder time socially.
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I have never attended NAPS, but I have heard that it is a "golden ticket" into the Naval Academy for the next application year. That is, you will be automatically accepted if you dont fail NAPS. Again, this is just what I have heard. If she is set on the Naval Academy, NAPS can get her in.

If she is too young to be admitted into this years class the academy probably offered NAPS because they really want her at the school. I have heard that NAPS is sometimes used to "red shirt" sports players. I could see them offering a very strong student, not old enough to be accepted, NAPS so that they can accept them next year.

I have never heard of the Academy changing their offers.
If she is set on USNA, accept NAPS. I hear it is a smoother transition from NAPS to USNA, than a civilian college/high school to the Academy.
I understand it is for those who need a little academic help before entering the USNA
From how I understand NAPS, after a brief conversation with my admission counselor, a candidate can be offered the option of NAPS for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons being academics. However, a candidate can be sent to NAPS to grow physically but also because they are not US citizens.
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To the OP: there is no need to post the same question in three places on this forum. Once is enough -- trust me, it will be answered. :)
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I now realize that. Did not know how active this forum was or how people tended to follow.