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Feb 18, 2009
If someone could tell me a good transcript for applying to USMA, that would help a lot. I know my name is navalacademy12 but I also REALLY want to go to West Point.
Competition varies from district... Simply, be involved in leadership, some sort of varsity sport (team sport preferably), and have good grades

I came from not the most competitive district

If I can recall the resume that got me in correctly it was something like this:
Boy Scouts, Eagle Scout award, SPL
National Honor Society
ASB commissioner
Varsity Swimming, Varsity Water Polo
Black Belt in TaeKwonDo
1960 SAT (my parents are still upset at this score :frown:)
3.6 weighted GPA taking around 10+ honors and AP courses. Ranked around 100 of 520 students in graduating class.

Once again it depends on how competitive your district is and this is an example. I am pretty sure there are people who had a much STRONGER academic record than I did. I was the only one from my school who applied and our district only had 8 people who applied to USMA.
to add-on to Jochangy, it's an all-around thing. Jochangy said he was upset with his academics, but his extracurriculars were outstanding. On the same token, however, being one-sided does nothing towards admission to West Point. They're looking for well-rounded candidates who challenges themselves and succeeds wherever they may go. On average, something like 95% of incoming cadets participated in a sport at the varsity level. Just under 60% were captains in at least one sport.

You asked for transcript though so I assume you're particularly asking about the academic portion...
West Point makes an effort to look at how competitive you are against your peers at your school. Thus, your class rank is the #1 academic factor. GPAs are so unique from school to school, they're value is slightly diminished. SATs and ACTs are 2nd behind class rank because they remove all excuses and pit every candidate equally against every other. In terms of honors, APs, special programs... the competitive nature at West Point suggests that if you're choosing between taking the easier course and getting a 97 or taking the harder one and risking a B take the harder one. Compete. Compete. Compete.
Be involved in your community don't just limit yourself to school activities and sports. do club sports outside of school, if you go to church do youth group, get involved with a big brothers big sisters program in your area. Do something that makes you stand out from the "normal" applications. I had lower than the expected SAT scores to get into west point, but i am active in my community i have a high class rank and a good GPA. Also, being in the split option program with the Army Reserve helped out a lot :biggrin:. The more you do in your community and school the better. IF you don't have the best academics then do a lot in your community to help out with that just like titan said about jochangy his academics aren't the strongest but his extracurricular activities are great. there's always a way in you just have to look for it.