Got my Falcon Scholarship. Now what?


Nov 2, 2016
So I just got my Falcon Scholarship letter, and I am not entirely sure what to do next. I know that there are 6 prep schools to chose from and I am guaranteed entry, but what more? I know that NWP is like 12,500$ and my brothers friend went here (with the scholarship) and paid like 400$. I have also heard about Greystone, which upon researching was 30,000$. How much do I pay for each of these? Which one is the best? Just any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Here is what I would do...

1. Be certain that you really want USAFA, even if next year. If you accept, there is an expectation that you will work to excel, and reapply. You have "a second bite at the apple" and must take the opportunity very seriously.

2. Personally contact each of the Prep Schools to discuss and fully understand their programs, costs, expectations, deadlines, etc. All are very good but they vary.

Disclosure: My DS attended NWP last fall and I enthusiastically endorse the Durbeck's and their program.

3. Choose the program that fits best for you. Understand the historical success of that school with Falcons and Appointments.

4. Accept/decline the scholarship offer. Truth is, after not being appointed this year, you may have second thoughts or prefer a Plan B school.

5. Personally notify your ALO and Congressional contact that you received the Falcon and plan to accept. You will need a nomination again next year so plant those seeds early.

6. Be humble and committed. There are many here who won't get the opportunity you received. You will be a year older and may be better prepared for USAFA than a direct appointee.

7. Hand write thank you notes to all involved.

8. Get in shape and be ready to work.
I am assuming that I got my scholarship because I was disqualified due to lack of certain advanced classes. I am pretty a pretty small school in Idaho so I didn't really have very much of what they wanted, so I was kind of expecting this to happen. But thank you!
My biggest question right now is how much Greystone would cost with the scholarship. I know NWP is fairly cheap. Thank you all again
Just out of curiosity...what is the date on your letter saying that you got the scholarship?
If you have any questions on NWP you can ask me! I attended there this last fall as a free agent, not a falcon but that really doesn't matter too much while your there. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!
My son is at RMA this year with 8 other Falcons. In addition to a great academic program they have a flight school for those interested in flying. As a JROTC program you will learn a lot about formation, marching, etc. Their athletic trainer is very tough and will prepare you for life at USAFA. Advisers are great and provide excellent knowledge of the Air Force and life in the military. As a full-year program you continue to work of excelling at USAFA even after you receive your appointment. All the Falcons are now working on maxing the PFT test you will have at BCT.
I am currently a Falcon at Marion Military Institute in Alabama with nine other Falcons. If you have any questions, I would be more than willing to answer your questions about MMI or the Falcon Foundation in general!
Randolph-Macon Academy (R-MA) has a wonderful program set up for Falcon Scholars. DS is a Falcon there. Check it out! I'll be happy to answer questions.