Got nrotc scholarship, now what? (waiver, host school)

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Qpjulia, Oct 9, 2012.

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    Well last Friday I got the news! I couldn't be more happy and excited that I am going to be in the navy even if I don't get into usna!

    But, I got medically disqualified. It isn't really even an issue, so I'm going to send more info and hope they reconsider or offer me the chance to get a remedial. Anyway, I know nrotc is gonna try to get me a waiver. But if they succeed, I understand that the waiver doesn't apply to the naval academy? They have to get me my own waiver too, yes?

    Also, my second choice of schools is Vanderbilt in TN. That's where my host unit is going to be, I believe. So when I find out if they accept me there for nrotc, will that make my chances of getting into the school better?
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    I can't answer the question on the waiver but I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case. I'm sure someone else more knowledgeable on that issue will pipe in.

    It probably won't help you to get accepted by Vandy. At some schools an NROTC unit has influence with admissions. At other schools the unit does not. No telling what the case is with Vandy, but if they do have some influence it would only be with a borderline case and you should expect to wait a long time to hear. In any case I would contact the unit as a courtesy, if nothing else. If you do need help a strong relationship with the unit would aid your case.

    Congratulations on your scholarship and good luck with the waiver. :thumb:
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    USNA must also give a waiver. The waiver for NROTC is only for NROTC and vise a verse.
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    I'm not sure I understand your details --

    To which school is your NROTC Scholarship Award applicable? Is it Vandy?

    YOu should check out the DODMERB section of this discussion website to ask more quesitons about getting a waiver.

    Don't assume that a failure or success in getting a waiver for NROTC means the same for the Academy... they aren't necessarily going to reach the same decision on a waiver. For example, If you end up being a highly desired Appointee to the Academy (i.e. you help fulfill diversity or athletic objectives), they may be more willing to rule in your favor in a case that could go either way than if you were in the regular application pool.

    Good luck with the waiver process.

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