GPA refigurement?


Sep 15, 2016
As I'm sure you all know, USAFA refigures GPAs based on school & it says so on the portal. My question is, what if our GPA hasn't changed? Is it likely my application hasn't been looked at, or is the GPA going to stay the same?

For reference my application was turned in very early November. Just was curious & thanks in advance.
What did your Admissions counselor say when you spoke to them?
I believe the GPA listed on your portal is the refigured one. Behind the GPA you should see the following statement:

(Your GPA listed may be refigured by USAFA and may not match the GPA reported by your school.)

Which would explain why your GPA is different from reported--IF it was different. But if it is not different, it likely won't be.
DS's is the same has his school GPA and has never changed.