GPA showed on the portal


Aug 14, 2017

Does anyone know the GPA showed on my application is weighted or unweighted? It is neither my weighted nor unweighted.
My counselor submitted my GPA, she is confused too, she said that was not the one she entered.
My transcript hasn't been sent yet, will be mailed in.

I do see a line says
"(Your GPA listed may be refigured by USAFA and may not match the GPA reported by your school.)" What does this mean? If the academy refigured it, based on what? or just simply rounded up/down?

Thank you.
This has been discussed numerous times in many post. The GPA reported by your school means very little. The Academy takes your class rank, which is the only time they use the reported GPA, the school profile (how many kids go to college, what types of colleges they go to, types of classes offered, honors, AP,IB, etc); which of those classes you took and develops a GPA number that they use for admission. It is an attempt to normalize grades across the country.

No one knows the exact formula put taking the hardest classes available at your school and doing better than most of your peers will lead to a higher GPA than taking all regular classes and being in the top 50% of your class.
Odd. My GPA is listed as the same as my weighted GPA. I didn't know they refigured out GPA's. I guess it depends on your school.
The gpa calculation is probably one of the most confusing of all aspects. Even as an ALO for a number of years and being involved in academy applications and candidates for more than 15 years, I still can't figure out how they do the gpa score.

What USMA 1994 wrote is correct. (Technically). I say technically, because I've seen too many times where it didn't add up.

Example: (Not bragging, just stating fact for the subject). My son was a 4.0 student. Always was a 4.0 student. Never had less than an "A". Was in the IB Program. ALL of his classes were IB upper level. All of them straight A 4.0 grades. He passed the IB diploma program and received the IB diploma. He was Valedictorian Ranked #1 in his class. Obviously took the most difficult classes available. And got an "A" 4.0 in all of them. The school doesn't WEIGHT classes. (Only Class rank is weighted). So 4.0 gpa is the highest he could get.

Yet, on his academy application/portal, when the academy got done scoring, they had his gpa as a 4.0. Now; considering IB classes or taking all/only AP classes is about the most challenging classes you can take, and there's nothing higher he could have taken, even if he had attended a different school, I'm not sure how he had a 4.0 on the academy application and some other applicants could have higher than a 4.0. Unless the academy simply made a mistake. For my son, not a big deal. He received his appointment, graduated the academy, and is currently a Captain on active duty. But to this day, I can't figure it out. Not unless it was just a mistake. I've seen a lot of applications and gpa scores on them. Some weighted differently than others. You can always call admissions and ask them how they came up with it.