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    Hey everyone,

    I was just nominated from my Criminology Department at my university to study abroad for a Master's degree in Intelligence Analysis and Counter Terrorism at a top uni over in Europe, I got a scholarship that covers the entire tuition to boot.

    The issue is that I'm a graduating senior about to get my commission from AFROTC as a Combat Systems Officer and of course, my commitment to the AF comes first and foremost. I have two questions: 1. Is there any sort of delay I can apply for that will allow me to go abroad and study for my masters (the masters program is 1 year)? 2. Does anyone know, or have an estimate, of when CSO school starts for FY2015 grads? I've asked my ROTC cadre these questions and they don't seem all to knowledgeable on the topic.

    Any help you guys can get me is greatly appreciated!
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    There's something called Educational Delay where you will have one year to pursue a master's degree or postgraduate studies. In my detachment a commissioned cadet got an Educational Delay to a masters in criminology. The difference between her and you is that she is a nonrated officer and she is doing her masters in her undergrad school. I would assume that they would like to keep rated officers under wraps but considering that there is a long wait for rated training they may allow it. I can't guarantee you will get it but it is an opportunity that the Air Force gives out.
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    You have to apply for ED, and the one plus side you will have is already being accepted into grad school.

    UNT does not have as long of a delay as UPT, mainly because there are fewer students, and the course is about two months shorter. Our friend's DS is at UNT currently he went to IFS about a month after commissioning and his class start date was about two months later.

    I suggest you look on through their ROTC forums for the ED question and look on their CSO threads to see about the casual status time for UNT. I believe on the threads there is a FY15 class schedule, but I might be thinking about the UPT schedule. However, if you go ED, you may likely be FY16, just using our friend's DS with the time wait for IFS and start of UNT it could be 16-01 that you would be.

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