Graduate School (MBA) for junior officer?


H. pulchella
May 30, 2016
How does this work exactly? I heard from my JROTC instructor that having a Master's is kind of an 'unofficial-official' requirement for being promotable past O-3 and I would very much like to not stay a terminal lieutenant...
I have some questions:
Can junior naval officers apply directly for master's programs after completing their bachelor's degrees?
Does the navy consider your grades/undergraduate institution in determining whether or not a newly minted O-1 can apply, if at all?
Just how real is this 'unofficial-official' requirement?
Beepy, there are numerous threads on post-grad Master's education scattered throughout the SA and ROTC forums. Have some fun with the Search function.

Though there is an opportunity for a small number of newly commissioned officers to go direct to a Master's program, most officers get that degree while they are in the O-3 and O-4 paygrades (USN/USCG LT and LCDR, USA/USAF Captain and Major). It becomes an issue if not in the record after that.

There are many options, including full time at a Service graduate school/war college/staff college or a civilian school, distance learning, and after-hours attendance on-base at university extensions or nearby campus.

You will learn all about it.

Look at:

Your initial focus will be learning your warfare skills on sea duty and earning your warfare pin. Along the way you will learn about various options, discuss with your detailer (your duty assignment person who cuts your orders) and see what's best for you.