Graduate School, US Army


Mar 14, 2016
Good afternoon everyone, I have a few questions regarding graduate school in the U.S. Army

I am currently a ms2 in the AROTC at my university on scholarship. I was wondering how I would go about planning my graduate school options. I found out that the Army recently cancelled the gradso program so what are other available options? I plan to make the Army my career and I understand that graduate degrees are "required" to promote to senior officer ranks.

Also, would I apply during my undergraduate years to grad. school, or as a Captain (when I may attend grad. school)?

Thank you
Many attend either night classes or online classes to get their Masters while on active duty. You can start taking these classes anytime as long as you have the time to complete the courses, a lot will depend on your schedule and training. You can apply for an Educational Delay but it will need to be approved and a lot will depend on the area of study. Talk to your Cadre about your options, they will know best what you can and can't do.