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    This question is primarily for USAFA parents though others may benefit as well. I understand lots of parents go for a whole week to USAFA graduation.

    My question: since graduation is a Wednesday, do most ppl go Sat to Sat or Thurs - Thurs, or what? I don't want to fly out on Saturday and find out that the "stuff" had started a few days before and is all over at noon on Wednesday.
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    Our family will arrive in C-Springs on Friday evening and leaving on Friday morning. We have plans for the weekend prior to graduation and there are a number of things to do. I don't know what other families are doing but imagine it's similar. There are also many weddings the weekend after graduation. Our cadet is staying in C-Springs for a few extra days to attend weddings on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday after graduation! She will be staying those extra days at her sponsors home. Below is the link to the graduation web page, which has a schedule of events.
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    A very timely question, since we are neck-deep in graduation plans right now.

    We rented a house for a week, starting the Thursday before graduation. If you compare the cost of renting a house (3BR plus fold-out sofas in den and familyroom, 3BA, 2 car garage) with the cost of renting multiple hotel rooms (at PEAK rates!), the house wins out for us. Especially since the grads have to be out of the dorms immediately after the grad ceremony. A house with a garage is a great place to move all the 'stuff' beforehand. The best deals on houses go fast, so look into it early. We booked ours when our cadet was a doolie. This particular house is already booked for graduation in 2012 and 2013. Even with the house we have three family member groups who are renting hotel rooms nearby.

    Here is our timetable:

    Thursday: Arrive at COS and settle in.
    Friday: Grocery shopping, check on cake order, decorations, prep for open house,, etc. Take cadet to dinner, let him spend time with girlfriend, etc.
    Saturday: Move as much stuff as feasible out of cadet's room to the house, then rafting trip for those who want to.
    Sunday: Baccalaureate Mass (0800 for us, based on squadron). 1200-1700 Open House at the house for family, friends of cadet, sponsor, etc.
    Monday: Awards Parade 1000. Then Free Day to tour sites, cog railway, whatever. Dinner for everyone at Flying W Ranch at 1800.
    Tuesday: Graduation Parade 1000. Department awards ceremony, Squadron open house, department open house. Commissioning ceremony sometime today-TBD by squadron. Graduation reception at Mitchell hall 1700. Graduation Ball 2030.
    Wednesday: Graduation 1000 (be there before 0800!) Cookout at the house in the afternoon for everyone, after we get cadet checked out of his dorm.
    Thursday: Begin the caravan home.

    Man, I'm tired just typing all of that!

    Remember, make the grad week what you and your cadet want. Some choose to have a very simple time, with no dinners, parties, etc. Others put our plans to shame and have extravagant catered dinners every night and activities planned all the time, with gift bags and party favors, etc. There is no wrong way to do graduation. Just make sure you enjoy the event. After all, it is the end(?) of a long road for parents, as well as cadets.

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    We, too, are renting a house -- from Saturday until Sunday (5/29). It is large enough for all of our children (5) and their children to stay with us. The house is in Centenniel, which is about 45 mins. north of the North Gate. So that's an inconvenience. But it was several thousands less than what was available in the Springs. Since we have several friends in COS who have graciously offered their places as "napping" areas (for the grandchildren), we (my children, especially) were very happy to find someplace a lot cheaper. But I will admit I am a little nervous about being so far away.

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