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    This was in the newspaper today. Although not involving the Coast Guard Academy, I think everyone should understand the military's view of so called "gray-market drugs" like K2/Spice or Salvia. After a famous teen celebrity was recently filmed smoking what was claimed to be Salvia, which is legal in some states and illegal in others, everyone needs to understand military service cadets are going to be held to a very high standard of conduct. For prospective cadets a word of advice: If you like to get high on cough syrup or other quasi-legal substances, a military service academy is not the right fit for you. You may be better off at State College.
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    Naval Academy Expels 7 in 'Spice' Probe
    January 26, 2011
    The Capital

    The U.S. Naval Academy has expelled seven midshipmen for the possession or use of "spice," a synthetic marijuana product that has been gaining popularity because it is hard to detect in drug testing and, until recently, was legal.

    The seven midshipmen, all sophomores and juniors, were separated from the academy between December and yesterday as a result of an investigation that began at the beginning of this school year, academy spokesman Cmdr. Joe Carpenter said.

    The investigation is ongoing and additional accusations will be investigated.

    "Where allegations are substantiated, violators will be held accountable," Carpenter said.

    The Naval Academy would not identify those expelled, nor detail the individual cases.

    It is not clear whether the ousted midshipmen would be required by the Navy to repay the expense of their educations up to this point, which is an additional sanction levied in some expulsion cases.

    Normally midshipmen who have begun their junior years incur that responsibility. They would either have to repay the cost of their education or serve as enlisted personnel in the fleet.

    Carpenter would not reveal how many of the seven were juniors.

    Allegations about the use of spice -- also known as "Blaze," "K2" or "RedX Dawn" -- rose last fall when some midshipmen reported the activity to superiors. Since then academy officials have been investigating spice use.

    The substance has been outlawed by the Department of the Navy and the academy regardless of civilian legal positions on the issue.

    Growing abuse of the product led the federal government to outlaw spice's ingredients. Maryland followed suit, outlawing the substance in late December. Baltimore County and other Maryland jurisdictions already had outlawed the substance.

    Drug policy abuse cases have been rare at the academy though there have been notable exceptions.

    In 2010, four other midshipmen, in addition to the seven announced yesterday, were separated from the academy for violation of substance abuse regulations. In 2009, 11 were expelled for similar offenses.

    In 1995, 24 midshipmen were investigated for drug possession and distribution. Five mids were suspected of selling drugs, and two of them were charged with selling LSD, academy officials said.

    Several midshipmen were dismissed, and some were sent to the brig.

    In 1979, three pounds of marijuana was found at the Naval Academy, and 40 midshipmen were implicated in the case, according to published reports.

    All midshipmen are subject to random drug testing.
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    Please see the Military News forum for prior posting regarding this article and comments.
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