Great To See The Academy Embracing New Strategic Plan Reaching Out In New Ways!

Discussion in 'Merchant Marine Academy - USMMA' started by jasperdog, Aug 20, 2012.

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    This latest press release about the success of the Summer Open House seems really great to me.

    Things I liked most:

    1) Seems like at the very least a revitalized effort that fully embraces the "whole/total" person type for recruiting.

    2) As far as i can recall this is the first time in a while such an event was held this early in the year and the first time it was publicized.

    3) Comments and quotes that emphasize the simplified, revised Mission Statement are all good IMO - I love the revisions as I think they will serve to focus things even better going forward.

    4) The positive words from Dean Kumar and Dr. Palmer re: career prospects for current/recent graduates - in this economy that can only help draw an ever better pool of applicants!

    Cool! :thumb:
  2. Lynpar

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    Copied from Jasperdogs link:
    The U. S. Merchant Marine academy is the only service academy where each graduate earns a Bachelor of Science Degree, an officer's commission in any branch of the armed service and a U.S. Coast Guard license.

    Doesn't the above statement make the "an officer's commission in any branch of the service" sound like it is very easy? Wouldn't something more along the lines of " have the opportunity to compete for an officer's commission ..." be closer to reality?
    To me the way it is written kind of glosses over the fact that those opportunities are limited.
    Just a thought at 3 am on a sleepless night.
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    Well, a commission in the Navy (reserve?) is mandatory. I guess the others would be optional.
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    Before the visit all he could talk about was the USCGA. I believe we were invited to the Open House because we had submitted his SAT scores in the spring of his Junior year. We attended the Summer Open House 2 years ago and found the event to be phenomenal.

    I still remember after Capt Robert Johnson described the nomination process in detail. One of the parents, that wasn't listening, asked about a Presidential nomination. He then asked the group about the possibility and the rest of the parents all replied with what Capt Johnson's said, word for word.

    It really started my DS's conversion from a trying to be a USCGA Cadet to becoming a USMMA M/N and he's never looked back!

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