Greetings from Kansas


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Jan 15, 2009
Hello All!

I have been reading the forums for sometime and have learned quite a bit -- thought it was time to jump in and get involved.

My son has applied to the Merchant Marine Academy and the USCGA and has his interview to KP on Jan. 30. He has his nomination from Congressman Dennis Moore of Kansas. He was initially interested in the Naval Academy but did not get a nomination.
However, his Congressman's screening board recommended that he apply to KP and we are really glad for the advice. As my son learns more about KP and the Merchant Service he is getting really excited about it. Any advice about the interview process at KP would be greatly appreciated. We are scouring the web for any and all information.

My father was a Merchant Marine in WWII, and the family was always amazed at his tales of adventure and travel during the war. Also, being originally from the New York Area we were somewhat familiar with KP.

My son had an interview at the USCGA last month and his application is complete and was passed onto the screening board. He has also applied for an NROTC/Marine option scholarship.

The whole application/interview/nomination process been quite an education! Especially when 100 or so out of the 400-plus kids in his graduating class in suburban Kansas City go to the University of Kansas. It's a great school, and actually is our Plan B (he's already admitted there). But Tom has always been interested in military service, wants to see the world outside of Johnson County, Kansas. That's where we are at right now.

His ACT and SAT scores are comfortably over the minimums for KP and the USCGA but certainly nothing to brag about. He has one last crack at the SAT in about two weeks. He is National Honor Society guy, has a 3.84 GPA/Top 20%; plays two varsity sports; and has gotten the Presidential Community Service Award the past four years. Like everyone else, we are on pins-and-needles with so many balls in the air.
My D has also applied to the CGA and USMMA... still waiting...
Welcome to the Forum.. there is so much knowledge here...
and I spend way to much time visiting!