Hammer toe and AR 40-501!

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    Hello, all!

    I have two small hammertoes on each foot, and it does not effect me. I run Cross-Country/TRack all year, and am in 2 paramilitary cadet organizations, so obviously it does not effect my running, marching, walking/jumping, or wearing military footwear, aka boots...

    AR 40-501 states that:

    "Current or history of deformities of the toes (acquired (735) or congenital (755.66)) including, but not limited to conditions such as hallux valgus (735.0), hallux varus (735.1), hallux rigidicus (735.2), hammer toe(s) (735.4), claw toe(s) (735.5), overriding toe(s) (735.8), that prevents the proper wearing of military footwear or impairs walking, marching, running, or jumping, do not meet the standard."

    I know DoDMERB is harder in terms of passing than MEPS, but do any of you foresee a problem with passing the physical?

    All my other accolades are exceptional when it comes to the whole Sccholar-Athlete-Leader type deal, so I should probably get accepted for the scholarship.

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