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    Birthday wishes going out to "The Big Red One" which turns 90 today. The First Infantry Division is the Army's oldest serving division and was formed at Governors Island NYC on June 8th 1917 and then Immediately deployed to France where it fought and won the first US victory of that war at Cantigny and subsequently in the Meuse Argonne. Since then they have seen Combat in North Africa, Sicily, Omaha Beach thru Germany; Vietnam, and Gulf War I & in OIF.


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    There is a 1st Division Museum in Wheaton, IL - one hour west of Chicago. It is on the estate of COL Robert McCormick who fought in the Battle of Cantigny. McCorminck had many interests but was primarily known as the editor/publisher of the Chicago Tribune.
    Cantigny Park, where the Big Red One museum is, was his 500 acre estate outside Chicago. DH and I visited there last month and is worth the visit if you are in the area.

    1st Division Museum: http://www.firstdivisionmuseum.org/
    Cantigny Park: http://www.cantigny.org/about/

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