Happy Veteran's Day, let's bring back the draft

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tradecraft, Nov 11, 2013.

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    A draft will help end obesity in America
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    This is pretty much turning the logic of the draft on it's head. Everyone else argues that we need the draft for the military's benefit- this guy is arguing that we need to do this so that society doesn't completely detach from the realities of warfare. News flash though- the days of drafting millions every year are gone. The requirements are far lower even as the society at large continues to grow. It's going to continue to be an evr shrinking pool of people that go into the military whether there is a draft or not. And given that even within the current military that has been at war for 12 years, there is only a relative handful who have experienced true combat- draft or no- the vast majority of leaders and voters in the country are still going to have to have zero personal experience with life and deathdecisions that go along with warfare. In short - since nobody really thinks or at least can articulate how the military will benefit from a draft (and there are plenty can articulate the downsides of a draft), and I can't see how a miniature draft to support a shrunken military will be an advantage to society, I fail to see th epoint. Instead of a broad based shared obligation- given the small numbers involved, all it will be is an obligation that most likely randomly fall on the least advantaged in the US with a service obligation. This article is a solution in search of a problem.
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    A draft is not consistent with a free people. It neither benefits the nation, nor the individual, nor the military.

    Sure, it'll scare some people.... but I don't want only scared people next to me if I'm in a war (I want to be the scared one, HA!)

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