Have Meal quality/quantity improved at USNA yet ?


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Dec 5, 2007
Has the USNA mess gotten their 1st semester food "emergency" squared away yet ? The mids need extra quality/quantity rations for the Dark Ages of 2nd semester..........perhaps that's why the Sup is so concerned about injuries during the Herndon Climb :confused: .
dare I add fuel to this fire?

I asked my girl about the food and she who NEVER complains told me it is pretty grim most of the time. Once in a while a meal is tasty - but overwhelmingly it is alot of starchy, high calorie, tasteless goo.

I keep her stocked with boxes and boxes ( THANK YOU USPS FOR FLAT RATE!!!) of healthy snacks like jerkey, granola bars, juices, dried fruit, popcorn, cocoa, microwaveable soups, etc. She and her roommate have dedicated a closet shelf in their room as 'THE PANTRY' and keep it filled with my stuff. They tell everyone on their floor that it can be raided anytime by a hungry mid. That alone makes me feel better and my mid and her roommate appreciate the supply for everyone.

Just this past weekend our San Diego Parent's Club got together and with 30+ families providing stuff we packed boxes of goodies to the brim and will mail them out as cheer-ups for the Dark Ages.

Perhaps all the parents on this site can do the same for their mids' and their companies!