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Not sure, not being a grad - but do they still refer to 4/C at USAFA as "Doolies"?
AOG - Association Of Graduates (West Point)
BUDS - Basic Underwater Demolitions School
CNO - Chief of Naval Operations
CO = Commanding Officer
DANT - Commandant
MOS - Military Occupational Specialty
QMED - Qualified Member of the Engineering Department
SEAL - SEa Air Land (Navy Special Forces)
SUPE - Superintendent
YP - Yard Patrol Craft, a small USNA training ship
UPT - Undergraduate Pilot Training
UNT - Undergraduate Navigation Training
FTU - Fighter Training Unit
RTU - Replacement Training Unit
FS - Fighter Squadron
FW- Fighter Wing
F- anything --- fighters i.e F-15, 16, 22, 35, etc
C- anything --- cargo/transport i.e 5, 130
E - anything --- electronic - EA 6
EWO - Electronic Warfare Officer
RIO _ Radio Intercept Officer = WSO
GIB - Guy in Back = WSO/RIO
IP/IWSO - Instructor Pilot/WSO
WIC - Weapons Instructor Course - Nellis for AF
DO - Deputy Ops
CC - Commander of the squadron
WING KING - Commander of the Wing
DG - Distinguished Graduate
EQ - Exceptionally Qualified (grading system)
PCS - Permanent Change of Station
BOQ/VOQ - Bachelor Officer's Quarters/Visiting Officer's Quarter
OER/OPR - Officer Evaluation Review or Performance
DP - Definetely Promote
P - Promote
DNP - Do Not Promote
BZ/IBZ/ABZ - Below Zone/In/Above --- promotions
TMO - Transportation Movement Office (your movers)
A & F - Accounting and Finance
PA - Public Affairs --- news
DLA - Dislocation Allowance - paycheck you get for moving
TLA - Temporary Living Allowance ( subsidy for living in a hotel when you PCS
MPC - Military Personnel Center (for the AF where your assignment comes from)
Flag - Generals and above
Field Grade - O-4 - O-6
Company - O -1 - O-3
WO - Warrant Officer
CWO - Chief Warrant Officer
Dream Sheet/Form 90 - Your wish list submitted for next assignment
RIF - Reduction in Forces - comparable to lay-offs
SERB - Selective Early Retirement Board
FEB - Flight Evaluation Board :)eek:)
ALO - also is an Air Liason Officer -- calls in air strikes for the Army via AF
UAV - Predator
PACAF - Pacific Air Force
ACC - Air Command
South Com - Southern Command
Shack - Bulls eye for hitting the target
LES - Leave/Earning Statement -- paycheck

I think I hit all of the ones that I have used.
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Swab is only used when referring to those just entering USCGA on RDay and during their summer training. After convocation in August they then are recognized as 4/c cadets.
POV= CAR why have a acronym the same amount of letters as what it's describing???

Can also mean motorcycle or an RV. Many military members buy an RV and use that for making even more money from their TLA. Camp grounds 10 bucks a day, Q's 30-40 a day, do that for 45 days and they paid for several months of your RV...now add in the fact that if the RV has a bathroom, the pmt can be deducted the same as your mtg, plus you DITY, and the RV is paid for at least a yr.

Another Acronym...one that we learned very late. DITY
DITY - Do It Yourself move

Dity includes you packing up your car with your luggage. You weigh the car prior to leaving, put your luggage and the most compact items with you. For example, you have a weight bench, take the weights with you - not the bench...they are small and take up little room. Your luggage is also allowed. Take what weighs the most, but takes the smallest amount. Key is not to go over your weight allowance. Invest in a roof carrier. Our biggest regret we did not know that we could do this when we moved from NC to AK.
Swab is only used when referring to those just entering USCGA on RDay and during their summer training. After convocation in August they then are recognized as 4/c cadets.

No, you're a swab 'til you see a swab. :wink:

Academy History - USCGA Traditions


Tradition honors the right of being a full-fledged Third Class Cadet upon sighting the first Swab year behind you. It is at that moment of joy that you officially become an upper class cadet and lose the title of "Swab." "You are still a Swab, until you see a Swab."

Since it was just service selection, I didn't see SWO or EOD.
Couple corrections...

CGAS - Coast Guard Academy Scholarship Program
EA - Early Action (USCGA)
LOA - Letter of Assurance
MOC - Member of Congress
OCS - Officer Candidate School
PFE - Physical Fitness Examination
R-Day - USMA Reception Day and Reporting-In Day at USCGA
Swab - USCGA Freshman (4th Class Cadet)

Couple additions...

DoDMERB - Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board
DWO - Deck Watch Officer
EOIT - Engineering Officer in Training
LE - Law Enforcement
PI - Personnel Inspection
RA - Regular Admissions (USCGA)
ROCI - Reserve Officer Candidate Indoctrination
to go with the AIAD at USMA there is also:

MIAD - Military Individual Advanced Development
PIAD - Physical Individual Advanced Developement

CBT - Cadet Basic Training
CFT - Cadet Field Training
CLDT - Cadet Leader Development Training
CTLT - Cadet Troop Leadership Training
APFT - Army Physcal Fitness Test
IOTC - Indoor Obstacle Training Course

and WAMI should be on there as well as the various leadership poasitions at the academy..I never know who my cadet is talking about!

and WAMI should be on there as well as the various leadership poasitions at the academy..I never know who my cadet is talking about! And why are we including the swabs and zoomies in our list? Until we beat them in football I say no cooperation!
PAI - Personal Appearance Inspection
SAMI - Saturday AM Inspection
AY - Academic Year
I believe it is IOCT - Indoor obstacle course test
It might be good to indicate which terms apply to which academy. Some things are universal, but others only have meaning at some of them and/or could have different meanings based on the academy.
BLUF = Bottom Line Up Front (close relative of KISS)
PME: Professional Military Education
JSOTF: JT Special Operations Task Force
JIATF: Joint Interagency Task Force
JTF: Jt Task Force
Academy Introduction Mission not meeting.


A few more:

BCG - Birth Control Glasses
CCEB - Cadet Candidate Evaluation Board
DOD - Department of Defense
DHS - Department of Homeland Security
DOT - Department of Transportation
EA - Early Action admissions
IT - Incentive/Inspirational Training
MARAD - Martime Administration
PDA - Public Display of Affection
PEP - Performance Enhancement Program
PFE - Physical Fitness Evaluation
PT - Physical Training
SAR - Search and Rescue

JROTC-Junior Reserve Officer training Corps