Having trouble meeting with recruiting officer.

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by taylorrb, Jul 19, 2011.

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    I've emailed the recruiting officers at the local colleges, and all of them responded reasonably fast. Except the officer at the college of my first choice, they emailed back a month and a half later. In the email they had scheduled a time for which to meet and had told me to email back if the time wouldn't work, which it didn't. So I emailed back and explained my situation, gave them the days I am available and waited. The time they had scheduled for the meeting came and went. And still no email.

    Do I email someone else at the school? Should I just schedule a college visit for the school and then show up at the ROTC office? I am terrible with phones, so that is kind of the last resort right now. Advice is much needed here..
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    If you really want that school, you're going to have to hop on the phone and make the call. Also, try contacting someone else at the unit.
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    Do you really want to be part of a program that won't call you back ? What is a higher priority for you, joining an ROTC program, or attending this particular school ? Are you joining ROTC specifically to have the means to pay for this school or is this simply the school you will be attending while you pursue your goal of a career as an Army Officer.

    Be careful when selecting a program. There are great differences between programs.

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    There could be a couple reasons why this particular school is not as proactive. If it's a big, popular school that has applicants beating down their doors, so they don't necessarily need to expend the effort. They may be a school that is short some cadre, and the enrollment officer is either new or deployed or not motivated. You may just not be talking to the right person. Make the call and find out what you need to do if you really want to compete for the scholarship. You could try scheduling a visit and then stopping by the ROTC office, but your taking your chances. You could also try scheduling the visit through the admissions office, and then CALLING the battalion to let them know you will be on campus. I would tell you that if you showed up on campus at Clarkson I would make time to meet with you, but that's just me.
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    It's a test.

    Is your son, or you, able to figure out how to work around an unresponsive ROO?

    What sort of aspiring officer sits back politely and waits for a mission impairing obstacle to remove -- itself?
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    Just a word of advice, if you plan on attending college and participating in ROTC you will need to become better "with phones". It's time to pick up the phone and call the ROO, the rest of the Cadre probably won't be back until LDAC is over.

    When my son was looking at Colleges and ROTC programs lat year he had an appointment set with the NROTC Marine Option. He traveled to the school and showed up on time for the meeting, they forgot he was even scheduled. He had confirmed the appointment 3 days prior. They had a Marine Sargent meet with him for about 10 min. His main comment was we really don't need to recruit, if you want to come that's your choice.

    After that meeting my son decided not to continue with the NROTC MO and stay with the ARMY.

    It can be frustrating when you don't get a response.

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