Hearing Loss Remedial


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Sep 26, 2008
Our son just received a Hearing Loss Remedial (USNA) from DODMERB. (Left ear 1000 hz 40, 2000 hz 35). He has an LOA so we are very hopeful this is waiverable. His letter requires a new ENT eval at a MTF. I tried to access DODMERB to see the military facilities that offer the exam, but it seems the site is down at the moment. Can you help? Thanks!
I have just emailed and spoken by phone to Mom. She now understands the process; where she can try to obtain the remedial;and is satisifed with the responsivenees and thoroughness of our reply. We wish her luck with her son's waiver porcess :thumb:
Once again Mr. Mullen came through! I hit the "send" key with my email response and within seconds he called. He provided us with the information we needed so now hopefully we can all sleep tonight...at least a little. Awesome! Thanks so much, Mr. Mullen! :thumb: