Heart Murmur


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May 8, 2008
As a baby I had a very mild heart murmur. I just got my regular physical for school, and my doctor detected it while i was laying down. Doctors did an ecogram (I think that was the test?) when I was a kid, and it came up negative, so they thought it was just some small backwards flow, and not a leak. Will this potentially DQ me? If so, is it easily waiverable?
If the murmur is detected on your DoDMERB physical examination an echocardiogram will be requested by DoDMERB. The majority of those come back normal. If there is an issue with the echocardiogram then there is a possibility that you could get a disqualification. If that occurs, then we can cross that bridge at that time.
Ok, thanks a lot. The doctor that did my physical was actually a flight surgeon, and she said it sounded normal, like there was no leakage.
RetNavyHM is excatly correct:thumb:
I just had my physical today and the doctor said I had a faint heart murmur and would probably have to go to get an EKG for it to be cleared. Do I go through my own doctor for this or will DodMERB notify me that I need an EKG and assign a doctor for me to use. My ALO is pushing me to get everything done early since I have a presidential nom and they apparantly make notification of appointments early for those. I'd hope that by going ahead and scheduling an appointment early it will hurry the process along. Thanks
We will require you obtain an echocardiogram. If you send me an email Larry.Mullen@dodmerb.tma.osd.mil, I'll explain the exact criteria that will be required. You may get it done by our Contractor @ no cost, but it will take up to 30 days after we notify you; you can get it done at your own expense -you will not be reimbursed; or you may obtain it at a Military Treatment Facility, but we will NOT be able to assist you getting an appointment.

I'm not disputing what your ALO has told you, but you are certainly well ahaed of the timelines at this juncture. Awaiting your email....Pls title it: Forum - Murmur - Echo:thumb: