Helicopter Parents R Good


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Jun 9, 2006
High-impact Practices Boost Learning, Involved Parents No Problem

Contrary to what some educators believe, students who frequently talk with their parents and follow their advice participate more frequently in educationally purposeful activities and are more satisfied with their college experience.

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I would take them off when entering the main gate, or either make them look like the antenna for your latest and greatest personal communication device.
Hey, I was just kidding, my rotors actually failed about two years ago....I survived the autorotation. And I am useless with personal communication devices - and subterfuge.
Hey! What about us parents who have leeches for kids. I can't seem to get mine off my apron strings. He's been back just two days & the phone call came today for 1) more funds for laundry soap & new PT gear 2) books he'd left here cause they wouldn't fit into his bag 3) Oooops, forgot my phone charger plugged into the wall in my room. So I just taped up two of those pesky priority boxes full. I also dumped all the left over Halloween candy in the empty spaces along with a note saying "Lets play find the phone charger game -or- put a Plebe into a sugar coma. Have fun!" Helicopter parents my butt. They can't live without us! :biggrin: