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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Gruviemom, Nov 3, 2010.

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    Hello, everyone!

    My husband is a USMA Graduate (Class of 84) and now my son (a senior in high school) is going through the process of becoming a member of the USMA Class of 2015. My husband was recruited by the football and baseball teams at USMA and his experiences were very different from what my son is going through (application, nomination, etc.).

    My son has completed his application, has had an interview with one of our Senators (Ohio) and has another interview scheduled in December with our representative. Last year, playing football, he fractured his spine. All is well and he continued to swim on the varsity team that winter and played recreational baseball over the summer. He is playing football again this year, but was notified by DoDMERB that he will need a medical waiver. :frown:

    I am pleased to see there are so many wonderful people on this forum willing and able to give advice to parents with so many questions and concerns. Thank you to all of you!

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    Welcome to the forum, I'm glad we've been able to help you. :thumb:

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