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    My name is Amn Sealy, I'm currently stationed at Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal. Currently a USAFA candidate for the class of 2019 with my regular AF nomination submitted- I just have my CFA and writing assessment to crank out prior to the 31 January deadline. I'm hoping for a direct appointment but I'll absolutely take a slot at the Prep School if admissions feels that it's necessary.

    This entire journey started out at the suggestion of my base CV (Class of '91) that I look into USAFA and in the span of 6 months it's become one of the most important goals to work towards in my life. Certainly the most challenging one, and worlds away from my original mentality that my 4 year enlistment was only a stepping stone towards a career of dancing and acting in LA.

    I'll be combing around the forums, trying to absorb all the knowledge that I can in hopes that I'll be on the Hill for I-Day this June. Also, I'm looking to get the perspective of anyone prior enlisted, if there are any of you out there that wouldn't mind sharing what your experience was like?

    Thanks! :smile:
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    Good Ole Lajes.....thanks for the fuel stop a few years back :) but that place is windy!!!

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