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    Hi everyone!

    My son "wanted" to go AROTC. He applied for the 4 year scholarship and we dilligently watched the status webpage.

    In January he got a letter from Concorde telling him to get the DoDMERB physical done. He had not been awarded a scholarship but I guess he was close at this point.

    So he did the physical. He has been seeing a dermatologist for mild psoriasis. We did not lie on the medical forms and of course the doctor at the physical saw the paperwork and a few spots.

    DoDMERB had us do the remedial process. Sent all the dermatologist info to DoDMERB. Disqualified, History of Psoriasis. College AROTC said they put in a waiver request. That was on 14 February. So now we wait.

    I do not know what medical process the average kid entering ROTC goes through. I am not holding out any hope for a waiver or anything and at this point we are moving forward.

    While my son is not happy being DQ'd I am thankful that he got DJ'd before he spent years in an ROTC program only to find out he was medically DJ'd (we ran into a cadet at NGSCU who reached his Junior year, right before LDAC only to find out he was medically DQ'd)

    I am very impressed with DoDMERB. They really have their act together.

    Thankfuly my son is super smart and has already been accepted into a couple selective programs at the college he is going to. If psoriasis keeps him out of the service so be it. He wanted to serve but it looks like the Army will not let him.

    I hope all of your sons and daughter stay safe and I know you are all very proud of them, like I am of my son.

    Take care,
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    Thank you very much for sharing this story. Best of luck to your DS! And welcome to SAF!

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